Friday, June 18, 2010

Toyota Restarting Construction on Mississippi Plant - $650,000 in capital costs per job

After halting work when the economy crashed in 2008, Toyota is resuming work on its $1.3 billion Corolla and Prius plant in Blue Springs, MS, which is near Tupelo, and about 90 minutes southeast of Memphis. In addition to right-to-work laws, one reason it chose Blue Springs over its now closed Fremont, CA plant is access to parts suppliers in the nearby I-20 corridor, which has become a modern version of Detroit.

With 2,000 employees on-site and $1.3 billion in capital needed to build the plant, it'll be spending $650,000 in capital per job created. A little less than the $1 million in capital per new job Dow Kokam will be spending on its new Michigan battery plant, but a strong indication nonetheless of how modern manufacturing often creates more economic activity in construction than in production.

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