Monday, June 21, 2010

Obama Allocating $100 million of NASA Budget to Economic Development

I used to cover the satellite industry, and can assure you if there's one industry that's not going to be a jobs powerhouse the next 10 years, it's space. And in response to the coming end of the Space Shuttle program, President Obama is allocating $100 million of the FY2011 NASA budget to help Florida, Alabama, and Texas workers associated with the 80s-era initiative find new jobs.

NASA is often the repository of odd Presidential aspirations, George W. Bush wanted to put a man on Mars, and not to be outdone by bizarre ideas, Obama wants to send a man to an Asteroid.

While I don't think it's likely we'll get a man on an Asteroid anytime soon, we can shoot Asteroids like we did in the 80s (Atari version) at this online gaming site.

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