Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jennifer Granholm - Tax Credits for Embezzlers

Another sad story for Michigan economic development involving Jennifer Granholm. Michigan is poised for a rebound in job growth just from her departure. Her lame, expensive attempts to attract "cool" companies to "cool cities" have backfired and made the state look even worse than it really is.

Now that she's on her way out, a GOP candidate says its time to tear down the Michigan Econ Dev Corporation, or MEDC, which has handed out taxpayer money to new employers, just so Granholm can hype a 120 job showcase project for every 10,000 jobs that leave her state. But a recent story from Michigan Capital Confidential mentions something even worse than her embarrassing, taxpayer-funded "Creating Cool" conference.

In March, it was revealed that the MEDC had offered a $9.1 million deal to a company run by a parolee who is a convicted embezzler (and who has since been locked up again for another fraud charge). Gov. Jennifer Granholm had held a press conference to praise the deal, with the embezzler on the stage with her.

She is so inept. Whether replaced by a Democrat or Republican, Michigan will undoubtedly show signs of improvement once she's gone.

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